Here is the D-day ! I’m leaving onboard an Auto’N’Home campervan and I’m wondering if I didn’t forget anything

You will find here many answers to prepare yourself to the adventure ahead.

Trip preparation

Should I leave with my hard case luggage?

Actually, a hard case luggage will take a lot of space in the campervan even empty. Prefer a hiking bag that you can fold, once emptied, underneath the back seat.

May I travel with my pet?

Yes! You can bring your best friend but be careful, you will have to pay for any damage.

I’m a smoker, is there any problem with that?

Of course not ! As soon as you keep smoking outside of the campervan.

What book guide would you recommend to visit the area?

The latest Michelin version, “The Green Guide – French Alpes” will help you to organize your trip. You can order those books online. If you need more information about the area, feel free to ask, it will be a pleasure to help you out.

Where shall we park our personnal car during the rental?

If you start your trip from our main company in Chilly Village, then you can safely park your car for free in our property.

About the rental

What am I (or any driver) supposed to provide on the pick-up day?

An ID or passport that justify that I’m over 21, my valid driver licence at least 3 years old, a credit card under my name to pay the tolal amount remaining and which allow a pre-authorization of €2,000 for security deposit.

May I cancel my booking?

If I subscribed to the cancellation insurance I can cancel my booking without fee up to 7 days before departure. If I did not subscribe to the cancellation insurance, fees will apply (check on the rental terms and conditions for more details).

Is the campervan insurance included in the price?

A basic insurance called « Free Pack » is included in the price. If you prefer to have a better cover and protection or just more travelling option, please check the “Insurance” tab.

I’m travelling with a friend, can we both drive the campervan?

The basic insurance covers only one driver. However, you can add the “additionnal driver” option to your booking or change the insurance package.

I want to pick up the campervan in Annecy, Annemasse or Geneva, how does it work?

We can deliver the campervan to Annecy, Annemasse and next to Geneva airport (on the french side). In order to find the meeting point, please check the tab “Delivery condition” before finalizing your booking. Delivery fee will be automatically added to your booking.

Can we pick up and return the campervan anytime during the day?

Yes, but it might be worth it to pick it up as soon as you can and return it in the afternoon to fully enjoy your rental period! But be sure to respect the opening hours (9 a.m. to 6 p.m) to avoid any extra fee.

During your trip

What will be the toll fees with the vehicle?

You will pay the same price as a normal car (Class 1) even if you chose to take the bike rack or the trailer.

Diesel or petrol?

All our campervans run with diesel.

Where shall we throw the used water away?

Used water and toilet need to be emptied in special places. Please do not wild flush! You will find those special places by the rest area on any highway and also in some villages. Look for this road sign to find them :

Where can we sleep during our journey?

First of all, you should download the app Park4Night, it will help you a lot to find the right place anytime to rest during your trip. If your are only two persons, you can even stop in a city and sleep on a parking spot. However, don’t forget to close the roof tent for some discretion. Also if you decide to stop by some residential area, do not hesitate to ask people if they don’t mind your presence, this might avoid some issue

Do I need to clean up the campervan before returning it?

Your campervan is clean when you pick it up, it is expected to be clean when you return it using the provided cleaning equipment. Dirty sheets and rags must be stored underneath the back seat. Please subscribe to the “Final cleaning” option during your booking if you want us to take care of it.

For the outside of the campervan, do not insist with the high pressure hose on the delicate areas (as stickers and others). Automatic car wash machine is forbidden.


Is there a toilet in the campervan?

Movable toilet is available in the extras tab. Of course you will need to empy it before returning the vehicle!

Is there a shower in the campervan?

All our vehicule have got a cold shower on the back of the campervan, an efficient way to rinse yourself after some beach time! For the skittishs, we provide a solar (heated) shower in our extras.

Do I need sleeping bags?

Our vehicles are 2 or 4 berth campervan. If you would like to sleep in a confortable bed, we advice you to choose the sheet kit extra which includes 2 pillows, one double duvet and a fitted sheet. But you can also bring your own sleeping bags an pillows if you prefer.

Can we cook in the campervan?

All the necessary to cook is provided. You will also find a sink, a fridge and a two burner gas cooker.

Do I have to bring basic food supplies (salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil…) ?

We will try our best to provide most of the time those products, but we cannot guarantee that it will be onboard.

What about cleaning tools ?

You will always find in our campervan a brand new sponge, some organic dishwashing liquid, a clean rag, a hand brush and a dustpan.

Is the gas bottle included in the booking ?

Yes. We will make sure that you will have enough gas for your journey. However if you run out of it, the new bottle that you buy will be refunded when you return. Just keep the receipt!

Is there a heater in the campervan ?

The vehicles are provided with stationary heating running on auxiliary batteries. Be sure that you will never feel cold, even during your skiing holidays !

Is there a CD player ?

Unfortunately no, but there is a Bluetooth device to listen to all of your favourite playlists during your roadtrip. You will also find a hands-free mobile phone kit, a GPS (with european map) and a portable DVD player available in the extras.

Is there USB ports ?

There is a USB port on the dashboard but also in the living room. You will never run out of battery on your cellphone and other devices.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly through our contact form.