Cancellation insurance, you can cancel your booking with no fees up to 7 days before starting your trip.
Rate €8/day.
Additional Driver, add as many drivers as you like.
Rate €8/additional driver/day.
Final cleaning. Yon don’t want to clean up your van or you don’t have time for it? No problem, we take care of it!
Rate €60/booking.
Pets are welcome, just plan a bedding area for your best friend.
Rate €5/day/animal
Extra kilometer package. Anticipate to save some fees.
Rate €60/250km.
Campervan delivery. You’re starting your trip in France from Annecy, Annemasse or Geneva, we will bring your van straight to you. Do not forget to check the delivery policies.
Rate €50/To and from Annecy.
Rate €60/To and from Geneva and Annemasse

And more…

Extra bed for a kid (max size 1.45m), to be placed on the front of the campervan. Bed linen included (sheets, pillow and duvet).
Rate €10/day
Sheet kit. All kits are made for one double bed (2 persons). Don’t forget to add another kit if you plan to use the two beds.
Rate €30/double bed/booking.
Toilet with eco-products, for more tranquillity during your road trip.
Rate €40/booking.

Solar shower, enjoy your hot shower when you get back from the beach!
Rate €10/booking.

Tent for 2 persons.
Rate €20/booking.
Portable barbecue, to grill your meats or veggies anytime, anywhere!
Rate €10/booking.

Child seat, contact us to make sure that the provided model is adapted to your child.
Rate €5/day.
Level ramps, to make sure the campervan is flat enough to sleep well.
Rate €5/booking.
Bike rack that fits up to 3 bikes. Easy to install on the coupling ball.
Rate €40/booking.
Ski rack, to carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards and 2 pairs of skis. Ski slopes, we’re coming!
Rate €40/booking
Textile snow chains (x2), to prevent tricky snow condition.
Rate €10/booking
Motorcycle trailer that fits one bike. To go on track days or to carry your bike easily anywhere .
Rate €60/booking.